Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is eTendio?

eTendio is a consultative platform providing a step-by-step guide for efficient processing of tenders. Throughout the negotiation we educate, consult, caution, inform or remind users of all steps required to avoid the potential pitfalls of a negotiation.

eTendio supports an approach of maximum transparency and collaboration between all negotiating parties.


  • What is the main function of eTendio?

The eTendio platform guides users through efficient handling of Ocean tender negotiation, covering both the Quantitative aspects of a Tender i.e. Rates & Surcharges, Transit times and Volumes as well as the Qualitative components such as credit terms, service requirements and all other underlying terms and conditions.


  • eTendio is now available in English only. Will it become available in other languages?

Yes, whilst English clearly is the language ruling the transport industry, eTendio is planning to add more language features gradually to support expansion in other markets.


  • What is the scope of eTendio’s activities?

There is no geographical scope limitation in the application of the eTendio platform, however, currently the site is suited only for the negotiation of Ocean FCL shipments.


  • What kind of customers does eTendio target?

eTendio caters to the needs of small, medium and large BCOs alike as well as Freight Forwarders / NVOCCs – basically any party who controls cargo volume and is empowered to enter into negotiation of Ocean / FCL contract rates.


  • Is eTendio free of charge for Service Providers?

Yes. Participating Customers decide which Service Providers they wish to invite to the Tender process. The participation of the Service Provider is then free of charge.


  •  How is eTendio different from other Tender platforms?

eTendio goes beyond just providing a technical tool to streamline the negotiation process, by giving consultative tips and hints which are designed to drive a cooperative and collaborative approach, thus providing a mutual and longer-term benefit to all negotiating parties.


  • How safe is my confidential data processed via eTendio

All platform and tender specific entries are limited to registered users only and are password protected. All data is being hosted on highly secure servers.

Customers decide who they will be granting access to their data. Restrictions mandated by competition laws will certainly be observed by eTendio


  • Do you have a solution for spot shipments?

eTendio collaborates with a spot platform which focuses on a service offering covering Ocean FCL spot shipments. This platform has not been launched, however, a go live is expected in the mid-term.


  • Does eTendio deliver the Service Provider contacts?

No, it is up to the customer to nominate both the Service Provider companies, as well as the specific contacts, who they wish to invite to the tender process.


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